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After trying many different workout facilities throughout the years they’ve all became repetitive and inconsistent. Kolbrina Fit has changed that, you will never get the same exact workout. The energy that Sabrina and Kolby bring to each class is one I’ve never experienced in any other place. I look forward to working out here because I know it’ll be fun and challenging. Kolbrina Fit has changed my body and life!


– Aileen P.

Joining Kolbrina Fitness was the best decision that I have ever made. It was what made 2020 bearable. If you are looking for something different try Kolbrina Fit and trust them to bring originality and fun to fitness. They go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. They make you feel like you belong, part of a family. I can’t go a day without a Kolbrina workout. 

– Nash E.

Fitness has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager. When the pandemic hit and all gyms shut down I was worried that my workouts would start to get repetitive and boring at home. Then Kolbrinafit came into my life and I have been addicted since day one.

Kolbrinafit brings you outdoor classes that challenge you, push you to your limits, and that are unique. No class is ever the same which allows your body to continue to be challenged and you will never get bored with your workout. Sabrina and Kolby motivate and inspire you to keep pushing and make working out such a fun and amazing experience. I look forward to working out with this amazing community everyday so much that I drive from Brooklyn to do so!


– Anna V.

Kolbrina fit is on a whole other level of fitness! I started my fitness journey 8 years ago. I’ve stayed in shape, fluctuating in weight. I was content with it. I started Kolbrina in sept and haven’t looked back since ! In this short period of time I can see a difference in every aspect, of my body, my form, my stamina! I look forward to it everyday. The trainers are always on top of you, pushing you! There are all levels of people, beginners and advanced and each class is geared towards both! I’ve met some great people and look forward to working out with them everyday! Now sign up for a class you won't be disappointed!


– Linette B.


I started Kolbrina Fit to support my friends in their new journey and to try a class outside especially during the pandemic. I try to workout not because I Love it but because I know it’s good for me and I want to stay healthy. But the more I do these classes the more I grow to actually WANT to work out and I look forward to working out now! The trainers are so motivating and positive in their approach! From the way they speak to you to the unique, new and fresh way they set up their classes, you can really feel how much they love what they do and how they really want you to get fit! You never do the same thing and it never gets boring! It really is not your average workout! You should definitely try a class!


– Nicole C.

Heard of Kolbrina Fit through a friend and holy MOLY has it stepped up my health and wellness journey. The classes always challenge and uplift me. The environment Sabrina and Kolby cultivate is inclusive, motivating, and always supportive. It has been so fulfilling to see and feel how I've progressed thus far- I've gotten stronger, my stamina has gone up and I'm able to go further w each and every class. Class is different every time and always kicks my booty. I am very excited to keep going! I get up for the 6:30am class and happily (this coming from someone who is not a morning person!). Theirs are my favorite classes to date! It is truly such a pleasure to be a part of this fitness community. Do yourself a solid and JOIN!


– Luz

I’ve been working out for several years at many different studios. The pandemic forced me to workout at home alone and I grew bored of my workouts. I came upon Kolbrinafit through the social media of other fitness friends, and I decided to try it out because it looked challenging and fun. I was hooked immediately after my first session. Sabrina and Kolby are very enthusiastic and motivating. I like how they watch and correct everyone’s form so as to avoid injury and help build muscle correctly. It’s very obvious that the workouts are very well thought out and planned. There’s a lot of variety and different equipment used so I’m never bored. Also, all the people in class are really friendly and encouraging. Lastly, to exercise outside and see the sunrise or be out in the sun and fresh air is just really exhilarating. I definitely recommend Kolbrinafit to anyone who has been working out for years or for someone who just wants to start. They have something for everyone at all fitness levels.



I met Sabrina and Kolby in September of this year and I feel like I have known them for years now. They are a dynamic duo on the field and they both are amazing instructors! When I did my first KolbrinaFit Class in September I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up and look dumb but Sabrina and Kolby were the most encouraging team. They both gave me individualized attention to teach me the moves and make sure my form was correct. They also both did the exercises side by side with me so I couldn’t give up. By the end of the work out I was HOOKED! I try to go every weekend even in the freezing cold. I used to be one of those girls that would never workout outside if it was colder than 50 degrees and now I like the cold workouts, feel like a total bad a$$! Every single workout is different, challenging and really fun. After every workout I get this adrenaline rush which is better than any drug. I totally recommend the classes to anyone looking for sick amazing work out then Kolbrina Fit is where it is at!

– Beth M.

I’ve been working out with Kolbrina Fitness for 5 months, and I don’t know how they do it, but every workout has been different. Sabrina and Kolby make every class challenging but so much fun! Before Kolbrina Fitness, I rarely exercised, but it’s now part of my lifestyle and I can’t wait for each class.  Never thought I would be one to wake up early to exercise but I’m out there before sunrise in frigid weather and loving it! Kolbrina Fitness truly has the best trainers and the best workouts!!!


– Cyndi S

I’m obsessed with KolbrinaFit! I am NOT a morning person and never did I think I’d be getting up at 5:30am to workout! But, here I am! Their classes are always so much fun that I forget I’m exercising. It has been a life changing experience!


– Martha S.


Start unknown and finish unforgettable!!!

Don’t waste anymore time...go see Kolby and Sabrina STAT and start more than just a workout routine...start friendships, start self confidence, start having a good time and develop a fitness journey along the way.

After your first workout , where u will feel the energy of the trainers, the bass of the music and the excitement of the group class, you will book ur next class...then another one, and another one, and another one.

Each class. Is different and challenging for all ages and fitness levels. Imagine sitting at ur next family dinner or being at a party with friends and hearing the standard stories. When the conversation turns to you, you can tell them u flipped a truck tire today, or you were able to make waves with heavy ropes, or you were doing burpees. Right away you will become the most interesting person in the room ...Don’t have any hesitation. Get out and try a class.

1st member everrrrrrr since May 2020CT (covid time).


– KG

When the pandemic started, before anyone thought about zoom workouts, Sabrina would workout in her garage with her friends on face time because she wanted to keep us sane during these times. That alone tells you what KOLBRINA is all about, but there is a lot more.

I can't remember the last time I repeated a move at their workouts. I love that you aren't told to stay at your light weights or given a pass for weak push-ups because you are a female. At Kolbrina, form is priority. The workouts are strategically planned out for each muscle group, yet so much fun! Sometimes you feel like you are just playing a game until you try to laugh the next day. That can be addicting for someone like me, who hates core workouts!

Just when you think they are doing it all, Kolby and Sabrina join team challenges and diet plans with us to motivate us further. It's easy to be dedicated when your trainers are that dedicated for your goals. I LOVE being part of this badass crew!!



Naz <3

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